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Please enjoy the following article(s) we have selected as especially interesting to TWLC families
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"Are You Encouraging Your Child to Hate Reading?" by F. Kelly


This is an intriguing article, which points out how several of our well-intentioned efforts to encourage our children's reading habits can go astray or even backfire.  

Studies have repeatedly shown that regular reading habits increase students' performance and success at school and in later life. Many of you will recall this poster I hung on the walls of TWLC's Bedminster office:
We all want our children to join the "Student A" category.  In this illuminating piece, F. Kelly points out how some of our efforts--steering our children towards what we consider "valuable" reading material,  insisting they look up every unfamiliar word and highlight important sections, quizzing them on their recall--actually undermine any budding enjoyment of the reading process. 

My teaching philosophy at TWLC centers primarily on cultivating a relaxed, curious, enthusiastic approach to learning in general and reading and writing in particular. To that end, it is my first and foremost goal to refrain from unnecessary criticism, highlight a student's achievements, and present material that is engaging, accessible, and FUN. 

My two great passions in life are children and learning, and the ability to combine them gives me the utmost pleasure and satisfaction. From Renaissance Art to Graphic Novels, from the History of Philosophy to Current Events, I search for and look forward to sharing material that sparks my interest and fosters my students' enthusiasm.

I highly recommend you peruse and contemplate F. Kelly's article. My hope is that his approach will strike you as reasonable and affirmative, even if it conflicts with certain previously held beliefs.

Zoe Kharpertian